Prices and Portions

Here is a guide to working out what size cake you will need. Please bear in mind that every venue and every chef will cut differently, some more generously than others.

Cakes are priced by the portion. A naked wedding cake will start at £4 per portion. Cupcakes also start at £4 each. A fondant covered cake will begin at £5 per portion. The overall cost will depend on the decoration and time involved. Wired flowers are extra due to every petal and leaf being handmade individually.

Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius of my kitchen and £1 per mile thereafter. If you’d like to collect, that’s fine. However, due to all the love that has been put into each cake, I do ask for a disclaimer to be signed before I release such precious cargo!

Cake stands are available to hire at £20 with a £50 deposit which will be reimbursed on it’s return. This should be within 5 days of the event.

Iced cakes do not like sunshine or radiators. So keep them cool and, once cut, they are best covered and refrigerated. Icing is likely to become sticky after a day or two in the fridge, its best eaten within a few days, no more than four days. Cupcakes are more fussy and like to be eaten within 2 days.

If for any reason you are unhappy with my creation, please get in touch immediately so that it can be rectified while the cake is still fresh.

Payment can be made by bank transfer: A deposit of £30 will secure your date with the balance being paid in full 4 weeks before the big event.

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